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3 Best New ServiceM8 Features

So ServiceM8 6.0 is out and we have had time to see which feature our clients are using the most or saving the most time.

1.Stripe Integration Update

So First off this is a little boring one but man this is a huge time saver. Accounting take us so much time especially if every transaction needs some investigating. The new stripe integration update makes it a lot easier when dealing with

Stripe Auto-Reconciliation, YEP you hear me Auto!
Taking payment in ServiceM8 is great for taking payments on the job straight away. Companies who use this feature do it to save on chasing up payment for weeks on end the main issue has always been the transaction fee withdrawn from the payment results in a mismatch between the invoice and funds received, creating a multi-step reconciliation process.

Not any more longer! With the new Stripe Reconciliation wizard, Stripe payments can now be setup to automatically reconcile with invoices in your integrated accounting package. It supports Xero and Quickbooks Online, with MYOB and SageOne support coming soon.

If need help setting up Stripe give a call at ServiceM8.

Better Online Booking Form

Online booking forms are a great asset and save time for you and your staff booking jobs in. With ServiceM8-hosted booking forms you can now create advanced online booking forms for your business’s services, allowing customers to get a live quote, select a time, then book a Service straight into your ServiceM8 account, without interacting with your business directly.

AR Measuring and Document Scanning

ServiceM8’s Commitment to the ios platform mean that when apple releases new tools for app developers ServiceM8 integrate those features into the next release. The new AR Measuring feature is possible because ServiceM8 uses Apple’s ARKit, only available with the brand new iOS 11. This New feature gives you the ability to measure out lengths and areas in Augmented Reality, using only your iPhone or iPad.