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Blogging about blogging?

Blogging about blogging? Come to Perth’s free blogging workshop!

Perth is always late to the party, but for us this means there are great opportunities to capitalise on the strategies that are proven elsewhere.

Keeping an up-to-date blog is a great way to cultivate a loyal following around your brand, and maximise SEO on your website – thing is – most Perth small business owner’s don’t truly understand this, or even know how to blog effectively. Thankfully there’s still time to get it right and get ahead. Gotta love Perth.

Mumtrepreneurs SEO workshop.

This is why we are dedicating our next free Perth Mumtrepreneurs workshop to all things blogs, and this time it’s hands on! So bring your laptops (we also have PCs available in our training room) and let’s get writing.

If you would like some free blogging help and you are a Mum or a woman in business then please feel free to join us for this session. Details can be found through our Meetup Group (how cool is Meetup?) at

Our promise is no hidden costs and no cheesy sales pitches, just a great way to network and grab some free tips for your Perth small business.

See you there!

The SquareNode Team