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Turning Confusionsoft into Infusionsoft


Every day I am faced with problems that come out of no where. As a business owner, I’m used to this. However, it can be annoying to have a perfectly productive day be ruined by a million little things that need my attention. For the sake of my business and my continued wellbeing, I’ve tried my best to automate as many of these things as possible, relying on technology and innovation to provide me the free time I need to truly succeed at my business.

One of the biggest hurtles in doing this is getting over how confusing technology and software can sometimes be. This was especially true when it came to Infusionsoft. Lets take a moment to talk about Infusionsoft, how I problem-solved and simplified my day, and why taking a Perth Infusionsoft training may be the best way for you to jump into with a powerful tool capable of changing your business.


I often hear people tell me that Infusionsoft is too confusing or it’s just too hard to learn. In actuality, Infusionsoft is really easy to use if set up correctly. The trouble I was having at first was setting up a system that I could effectively use to help manage the goings on in my business.

The reason why setting up Infusionsoft at first is tricky is because it is an incredibly powerful tool that is based on what your needs are and how you put those needs into the software. With incredible customization, you can create a program that consistently works and directs your company in a positive direction. This is what I learned through my own experiences as I became increasingly familiar with this tool

I remember sitting on a training course in Infusionsoft and when it finally clicked my mind exploded with ideas on how I might use the system. I can imagine how powerful Infusionsoft could be for my business, and my struggle then became figuring out how best I could implement my ideas in the software. I no longer hesitated and started building campaigns that over the next few months started to rapidly grow my business.

While I figured this process out on my own, you can do the same thing with significantly less hassle by finding Infusionsoft training Australia. By getting the help you need at the start, you will spend far less time struggle and far more time growing your business. So, what can Infusionsoft do for your company?

What Infusionsoft Can Do?

It is hard not to dedicate the next 50 pages to everything Infusionsoft can do for your business. Instead of focusing on everything, I will list some of the best things to come out of this amazing software. Remember, with the right training, you can unlock all of these features and make them work towards the betterment of your business. Some of the best features included scheduling emails, follow up marketing, campaigns by end dates, template creation and merging, list segmentation, task assignment, lead capture, custom buy now links, ink tracking, e-mail marketing reports, subscriber info updates, one-click registration, sales opportunity management, automated history actions, order form customization, and much, much more. Simply put, Infusionsoft can be as powerful or as simple as you want it to be.

Why Getting Infusionsoft Training Is The Smart Move

1. Saves you Time and Money

How valuable is your time? Think about it. If you pay yourself what you are worth for every hour spent trying to figure out Infusionsoft, then how much money are you spending? How much potential and company funds are spent as you bash your head against complex software? Infusionsoft is amazing because it features a streamlined approach. However, without some training, you may not be able to do everything you want to do, or even be aware of what the software is capable of doing. By seeking out Perth Infusionsoft training, you can save yourself hours of effort. While the cost of said training may require an initial investment, it is far less then you will spend learning it on your own. Trust me. Having been there myself, an Infusionsoft Training course would have been far easier and more rewarding.

2. Create Your Ideal Setup

Every business is different. What works for my business may not necessarily work for your specific needs. Making Infusionsoft into the powerful tool that will help grow your business requires specifically designing it to match your needs. This is only possible if you spend a great deal of time with the software or otherwise take a class. Remember, the most challenging part of this entire process is putting into place the system you will use. Once in place, you will save time and money every day as many previously time consuming tasks become automated.