Tips & Tricks

SquareNode’s Kits and Pre-Builds

In 2019, SquareNode tackled the issue of Kits & Prebuilds to provide ServiceM8 customers with a higher level of needed customisation. This solved many issues that ServiceM8 customers were having but, it wasn’t widely available to all national & international ServiceM8 clients.

Today, in 2020 we are excited to launch SquareNode’s Kits and Pre-Builds add-on on the ServiceM8 store.

How Do I Get It?

First, you need to go to the ServiceM8 Add-on Store and find the addon SquareNode’s Kits and Pre-Builds.

Second, you’ll be asked to create an account on our Tool Kit and connect your ServiceM8 account to the Tool Kit (through the Integrations tab).

Once you ServiceM8 account is connected you will be able to see all your ServiceM8 items in the materials section.

These are a direct view of the materials in your ServiceM8 account and depending on how many items you have this may take a while to load.

How Do I Make Kits?

Navigate to the Kits Section first then select the “Add Kit” button.

You’ll be asked to then enter a unique Item Number & Item Name.

Once you’ve saved it, you will be able to start adding materials to your kit.

You can then start to add materials by selecting the “add materials” button.

When adding items you are able to search, select and add item quantities to your kit.

Once you’ve selected the items and entered the quantities you can then click save.

NOTE: you can only add an item once.

Other Features.

Our Kit Tool now offers a feature known as Offline Materials. Offline Materials allows you to have some materials stored within Kits & Pre-Builds add-on and not in ServiceM8. These Offline Materials can be found under the Kit Tool tab.

Materials with tax added onto a kit with a no-tax option will have their tax amount removed from the overall costs associated with that specific kit.

You can open a kit and copy it to make a variation of that kit.

If items prices change in ServiceM8 or in the Tool Kit you will need to refresh the items by clicking the refresh symbol on the Kit Page.

You can create Materials within the Materials Page which will then create within your ServiceM8 account.


NEW FEATURE – Kit tool only items.

Some clients requested the ability to manage items in the kit tool and only export kits to ServiceM8. Now you can by add materials to the “kit tool” tab and they will not show up in serviceM8. You will still be able to link those items to a kit and the kit will be visible in serviceM8 with the correct price and cost.

Coming soon is an import function to bulk import CSV files of materials.