Tips & Tricks

Modifying Automated Emails

Save time – get Infusionsoft to write your emails for you.

Using automated emails within your campaigns is essential. They enable you to follow up on leads, contact clients, and send newsletters automatically. In this quick tip, we explore how to modify these automated emails, and how to make use of more merge fields than you can poke a stick at.

Emails are inserted inside sequences, in the Campaign Builder area. This means that they can be incorporated into anything from nurture campaigns to promotions, or even what we like to call “action campaigns”.

Nurture Campaign Emails

So your prospect isn’t interested in your services – just yet. What you should be in the habit of doing is placing them inside a nurture campaign. This is a sequence of events that keeps them in the loop, updating them on your services and any future promotions you run. This campaign will generally consist of mostly delay timers and emails. After a specified length of time, an email can be scheduled to be sent out, letting the client know something interesting about your industry or service. A few weeks later, another email can be sent out letting them know that you are offering them a promotion for a limited time. Getting the content in this emails just right is very important, as you don’t want to be too pushy.

Promotional Emails

Running a limited-time offer, or introducing a new service? Send out some emails alerting your current clients to it. And if you have already sent out promotional emails previously that reaped incredible results, why not copy that email from the campaign sequence, and modify the contents to fit your new promotion?

Action campaign emails

We love action campaigns. They are a way of using Infusionsoft’s campaign manager as an automated reply to those “frequently asked questions”. If someone sends you an email asking how to complete that task that you have already explained to another client a million times, it’s time to use an action campaign. We trigger these using “action tags”, for example a tag called “Send business video email”. Once this tag is applied to a client, they are entered into an infusionsoft campaign that sends them an email outlining our business video service, adds a note to their record outlining that it has been sent, and then removes the tag. What normally takes 30 minutes over the phone or email to explain to yet another client has just been completed at the click of a button.

Spend less time emailing, and more time working. Put Infusionsoft’s campaign emails to work for you.