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ServiceM8 Features

On the job quotes & invoicing

ServiceM8 was written to take the pain out of creating quotes and invoices. ServiceM8's speed at managing jobs is unmatched. Provide rapid quotes and get paid faster with ServiceM8.

Real time tracking

Know where your staff are and dispatch urgent jobs while people are out on the road.

Recurring jobs

Have a jobs that get repeated all the time? Not a problem. Manage recurring jobs easily in ServiceM8.

Follow up reminders

When things get busy we often tend to not follow up on quotes. Stop losing money by allowing ServiceM8 to follow up on every lead.

Job reminders

Inform the customer automatically that your staff are on the way.

Email integration

Have complete visibility over all customer interaction with a click of a button. No more searching emails!

ServiceM8 PC iPad iPhone

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The powerful tools used by today's most successful businesses are not without a steep learning curve. Thankfully, SquareNode are here to help you become as familiar with ServiceM8 as you want to be.

Together we can help shape this application into the perfect tool for your business.