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ServiceM8 Strata Company Setup Tutorial

ServiceM8 Strata Company Setup Tutorial

ServiceM8 is great software and easy to use but some arrangements we have to cater for can be a little technical to set up and under stand. After explaining this set up of Strata companies in ServiceM8 multiple times I thought a would make a video so everyone can see and benefit from it and go back to it when needed.

Step by step Instructions

  • Turn the serviceM8 Client sites add-on on
  • Create an new client who will be the Strata company in the client section
  • Go to the billing tab after adding the client details and select how you want to address invoice sent to the strata company.
    • Most strata companies need to have invoice addressed to the property owner care of the strata company typically in this format property owner c/- company name Company name being the name of the strata company.
  • Save the client
  • Re-open the client and you will have the ability to add sites to that client.
    • You can also merge old clients into the this new client and they will become sites.
  • Add the details of the site. (I recommend naming the site the street address)
  • There are two important contacts that are needed to be added that are important for site set up this way.
    • Add a contact called Property owner. This who bills will be addressed to.
    • Add a contact with the role Site or tenant. This is who is to job contact on site.

    If you followed these steps you will now be able to use this site and have invoice addressed to the property owner labelled care of (c/-) the strata company.