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3 Huge Features in ServiceM8’s 7.0 Update!

1) Asset Registry

Some businesses are required to regularly maintain and keep track of their clients’ assets, for example: fire extinguishers and air conditioners. ServiceM8 in their September update has now released a way to keep track of these.

Introducing the Asset Registry, a powerful tool which allows businesses to install, service or inspect any kind of equipment or asset. This add-on provides a way to easily identify equipment and assets using a QR code. You can then record and track the asset’s service history using Forms. Your clients also have the ability to create jobs by simply scanning the QR code with their phone and filling out the online form.


2) Knowledge Base

Within every business, there are experienced staff members that can complete work more quickly, and to a higher than less experienced staff members. The challenge here is for these staff members to capture and share their invaluable experience.

Introducing the ServiceM8 Knowledge Base. With this add-on, staff can record and write procedures or tips and publish them in the form of videos or articles. Staff can then search the knowledge base for videos and articles relating to the job and perform troubleshooting.


3) Services Enhancement.

In the 6.0 ServiceM8 update, they introduced Services to us. This add-on was great after its release, but now has been further enhanced to become a complete service picker for internal staff and online customers.

Services have introduced Button Images, which makes the online booking system much prettier to look at. The Services add-on is now far more intelligent and dynamic. Checklist items are now automatically added to the job description, based on the answers to questions. Materials can now be added to the service by default or based on the answer to a separate dynamic question.

ServiceM8 have also added some minor features which go a long way to improving the overall add-on. suggested times being one of them. Now, based on your staff schedules, suggested times will show up for customers when booking via Services online. Deposits are another new minor feature which gives your business the opportunity to take deposit payment or full payments based on a percentage or a fixed price.



If you have any questions or issues with these features please feel free to call us or email us on [email protected]