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SquareNode Time – Help Article

How to use SquareNode Time

Logging in

When you are on the login page of SquareNode Time, you will see two options to login.

  1. Login with username and password. This option is for users that have already signed up to SquareNode Time. They know their login details and can login using those.
  2. Login with ServiceM8. This option is for new users who need to first give SquareNode Time permission from ServiceM8. It will redirect you to ServiceM8 and you can follow the steps there, once this is done you can enter a new password for SquareNode Time so you can login using step 1 above.

Entering Timesheets

When entering timesheets, you can either click the arrow keys to move back and forward each day or you can select a date using the pate input.

Once you would like to enter the time, select the input and enter the hours, select either AM or PM and hit okay, you can then enter the minutes. See images below.

Viewing Timesheets

Here you can view timesheets entered by you and if you are an admin / owner of a ServiceM8 account you can view your staff’s timesheets.

All timesheets can be exported to excel using the green excel button on the top right of the page and single timesheets can be exported to excel using the blue excel button to the right of each timesheet row.

Timesheets can be marked completed/uncompleted using the lock or unlock icon and can be marked approved using the cross or check icon. When a timesheet is complete users cannot book time to the week, but they can mark the timesheet as uncompleted and then book time, whereas when an admin marks the timesheet as approved, the user cannot edit or update time for that week again. Approving timesheets is done only by account owners/admins.


Staff members can be invited using the staff page. Once the staff member signs up, they can then be locked out or given access using the lock icon that will appear in place of the Invite text on the same page.


The week ending can be changed under the settings page. This will also have an effect on staff accounts.


If you have any questions or issues with the add-on please feel free to call us or email us on [email protected].