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SquareNode’s Invoice Merge Tool

SquareNodes Invoice Merge Tool


One of the issues some clients face when using ServiceM8 is that there is no way to issue statements to clients. This is need as some businesses bill their clients on a monthly schedule but want to be able to track and manage jobs separately. The only way to do this currently is to send the jobs to your accounts system and then make a grouped invoice there.

How does it work?

Opening the tool you will see a list of client that have invoices that are completed but not sent to your accounting package yet (ie Approved ) you can select a client from there or navigate to the client view and pick any client in your system.


Once you have selected a client you will be able to view all the jobs outstanding on that client and see the values. You can also filter on the dates of the jobs if need to select a job in a certain date range.

You can then select jobs to be merged. Once you have selected the jobs to be merged you can customise the line item description that will be merged onto the new merge invoice job.

Clicking Merge will create a negative line item on the merged jobs and add a positive item for all the jobs merged onto the new merge job. Open up ServiceM8 and you will be able to approve a new job to send to ServiceM8.

How Do I Get It?

First, you need to go to the ServiceM8 Add-on Store and find the addon SquareNodes Invoice Merge Tool.

Second, you’ll be asked to create an account on our Tool Kit and connect your ServiceM8 account to the Invoice Merge Tool.

Once your ServiceM8 account is connected you will be able to see all your clients and jobs to be merged.

These are a direct view of the jobs in your ServiceM8 account and depending on how many jobs you have this may take a while to load.