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Stop junk email overload in your inbox

Despite what some people say, junk emails aren’t all bad!

They just need to be managed properly. Thanks to the free service, you can start presenting all those junk emails in a way that doesn’t stop you seeing what you need to.

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Please be warned is a free service. What makes it worthwhile running a completely free service? People signing up to it. Free companies like this have a large stockpile of data that is useful for other companies who are trying to understand trends and consumer habits. It’s not uncommon for companies like this to sell anonoymised data to third parties to make their business venture worthwhile.

What you should be warned about is that did this in the past and wasn’t entirely upfront to it’s users about it. This has led a lot of people to have a lot of hate for

We don’t share this hate at SquareNode. We understand how free services work and don’t see anything wrong with the practice of selling this type of data. However, if you run a business and are especially concerned about this sort of practice, please use your own judgement, read’s privacy policy. and maybe consider a paid alternative of some sort if you are losing sleep over the idea.