Tips & Tricks

SquareNode’s Invoice Merge Tool

SquareNodes Invoice Merge Tool   One of the issues some clients face when using ServiceM8 is that there is no way to issue statements to clients. This is need as some businesses bill their clients on a monthly schedule but want to be able to track and manage jobs separately. The only way to do […]

SquareNode’s Kits and Pre-Builds

In 2019, SquareNode tackled the issue of Kits & Prebuilds to provide ServiceM8 customers with a higher level of needed customisation. This solved many issues that ServiceM8 customers were having but, it wasn’t widely available to all national & international ServiceM8 clients. Today, in 2020 we are excited to launch SquareNode’s Kits and Pre-Builds add-on […]

3 Huge Features in ServiceM8’s 7.0 Update!

1) Asset Registry Some businesses are required to regularly maintain and keep track of their clients’ assets, for example: fire extinguishers and air conditioners. ServiceM8 in their September update has now released a way to keep track of these. Introducing the Asset Registry, a powerful tool which allows businesses to install, service or inspect any […]

SquareNode Time – Help Article

How to use SquareNode Time Logging in When you are on the login page of SquareNode Time, you will see two options to login. Login with username and password. This option is for users that have already signed up to SquareNode Time. They know their login details and can login using those. Login with ServiceM8. […]

ServiceM8 Duplicate Job Addon – Help Article

Servicem8 Duplicate Job Help Article. If you need to copy an existing jobs information into an new job this plugin will come in handy. Information that is copied from an existing job is: Company details Job address Billing address Job description Status (Set as “Quote” on new Job) Billing (optional) Work done description Job materials and items […]

ServiceM8 Strata Company Setup Tutorial

ServiceM8 Strata Company Setup Tutorial ServiceM8 is great software and easy to use but some arrangements we have to cater for can be a little technical to set up and under stand. After explaining this set up of Strata companies in ServiceM8 multiple times I thought a would make a video so everyone can see […]

3 Best New ServiceM8 Features

So ServiceM8 6.0 is out and we have had time to see which feature our clients are using the most or saving the most time. 1.Stripe Integration Update So First off this is a little boring one but man this is a huge time saver. Accounting take us so much time especially if every transaction […]

Stop photos chewing up your phone space

Sick of running our of space on your phone because of all the photos stored on there? Get the Google Photos app! This little beauty automatically saves your stuff to the cloud and lets you confidently clear out your phone knowing nothing will be lost forever. At SquareNode we are the nerds of our respective […]

How to stop forgetting your passwords using LastPass

Are you using the same password for everything? Stop now. Watch this video. We have heard of multiple people that have fallen prey to nasty people out there who are just waiting  for you to use a weak password. With LastPass, there is no excuse. Watch our short video below to find out how to open a free […]

3 Free Solutions for Electronic Signatures

We just can’t get away from paper. These days we have technology like robot vacuum cleaners and wifi lightbulbs. Peter even has a remote control skateboard. Yet we still can’t seem to get away from the need to print out and sign documents. Right? Wrong.

Choosing a Business System

Email, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Automation. There’s no shortage of systems that offer these features. But how do you choose one that suits your business? That’s where we come in.

Blogging about blogging?

Blogging about blogging? Come to Perth’s free blogging workshop! Perth is always late to the party, but for us this means there are great opportunities to capitalise on the strategies that are proven elsewhere. Keeping an up-to-date blog is a great way to cultivate a loyal following around your brand, and maximise SEO on your […]

Perth Mums SEO Training

  SEO Training for Mums in Business Today we held the first of our free workshops in our Belmont offices in Perth.  These workshops are designed to assist mums and women who run small businesses to understand some of the more difficult IT and online concepts that are essential to small business marketing presence and […]

Modifying Automated Emails

Save time – get Infusionsoft to write your emails for you. Using automated emails within your campaigns is essential. They enable you to follow up on leads, contact clients, and send newsletters automatically. In this quick tip, we explore how to modify these automated emails, and how to make use of more merge fields than […]

The best CRM for small business

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a tricky topic to approach, and even trickier to get right. More often than not, personal experience is needed to wade through all of the packages out there and find the one that works. Having done just that, I present you with the best small business CRM out there. […]

How to survive a quiet market

It is easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding the current market conditions. With predictions of doom and gloom for some time to come, it can be hard to see a silver lining in all this talk of downward projections. The truth is however, that there are ways to hold steady and even […]

Using Custom Fields

One question many people have when using Infusionsoft is when to use custom fields and when to use tags. There is a little bit of uncertainty around this question, because the both can be used in similar ways. Today I hope to shed some light and give some information that will help you decide whether […]

Turning Confusionsoft into Infusionsoft

Every day I am faced with problems that come out of no where. As a business owner, I’m used to this. However, it can be annoying to have a perfectly productive day be ruined by a million little things that need my attention. For the sake of my business and my continued wellbeing, I’ve tried […]

Never miss a lead

Missing leads sucks! Sales systems going out the window when things get busy… Quotes to do, follow up calls to be made, a weekend to get too, family to see, reports to be written, staff to manage, actual work to be done. Rinse and Repeat. Truth is leads are the lifeblood of a business. Referrals, […]

Free coffee!

Free Coffee Belmont! We’ve been in Belmont for about 7 years now and one of the first things I did when I moved into Belmont was travel around to every single cafe to find the best coffee. Being a Perth boy I love my coffee and I’m happy to say that I think I found […]