Tips & Tricks

Using Custom Fields

One question many people have when using Infusionsoft is when to use custom fields and when to use tags.

There is a little bit of uncertainty around this question, because the both can be used in similar ways. Today I hope to shed some light and give some information that will help you decide whether an Infusionsoft tag or custom field is appropriate for your particular scenario.

First I will outline what they have in common, then I’ll outline a few of the key differences and finally give you a few guidelines to help you choose what you need.

Custom fields and tags in Infusionsoft are both methods of storing information about a contact. You can easily search by custom fields and tags within Infusionsoft. This makes filtering your contact list to find your audience a breeze. Inside a campaign, both can be used to navigate a decision diamond, which pushes people to one path or another. All this makes for a more customisable experience for your customers.

So when do they differ? The big one first off is that with tags there are no limits to how many you can have. With custom fields however, there are limits. You can create up to 100 custom fields for the different types of records. You can also apply an unlimited amount of tags to a contact. But typically the custom field can only store one piece of information (the exception to this being a list-box custom field). What this means is tags will accumulate over time, custom fields however will only retain the most recent piece of information supplied.

Another important thing to note is the tags can also be used to trigger automation. When your apply a tag you can use this as a trigger goal within a campaign. This is also slightly true of custom fields but only when being filled out via a web form or internal form, as these can also be used to achieve campaign goals.

The values of custom fields can be used within campaign emails to make more personalised content for your customers. Tags may be used to point a customer to different sequences within a campaign but only custom fields can customise content within an email task.

Hopefully you now have a little bit more of an understanding of the differences between custom fields and tags. Every business is a little bit different and businesses will use tags and custom fields in different ways depending on their individual needs. Infusionsoft’s power is in its ability to customise itself for each particular business you have. Use your best judgement or give us a call to work out what’s best for your business.